Convergence Theological Seminary (CTS) – And Pastoral College of the Bible..

Vocations - Distance learning and Seminarian attended learning skills.   Those Seminarians who come to the course will gain much more.. Distance learning is to enhance and help those who cannot attend. We would urge you not to leave out the attendance. It is also important to become a part of our Ministers Fraternal the ‘Alumni’, something to be proud of.

Your Principal

Presiding Archbishop; Dean of Studies Dr George A. Booty. OSG. OPFF.
DD (hon), DMin (hon), MCPFI, MBACP, MAPSCC, MAIP, MNRHPCSC, (Dips), (Certs)


Please Note further Faculty members are in the organisation and may be highlighted from time to time.   Other adjunct professors are welcome to work with us - speak to the current Dean of Studies and Principal Founder of CTS.

Campus and Distance Learning:  The web site will enable everyone to access basic Christian Thought (Foundations – both primary and secondary issues within the Bible) and Doctrine through Systematic Theology also Pastoral and Church history papers and more varieties of content will be added over time. This will be to your advantage to return here and keep check on areas to work through and will include theory and experience of both Pastoral and the Secular Counselling skills, which are also needed in today’s modern world, if we are to be taken seriously by other professionals.<br /><br /><b>ONLINE Training Material and Payments for tuition.</b><br /><br />See specific web site page regarding 

All courses will be tailor made for each level of training. Those who have completed more training will not have to duplicate so long as they can show what they have been doing already- either by existing qualifications and showing curriculums of study and relevant dissertations. 

For those at higher pastoral levels we will tailor make training to empower ministers to greater heights.  Ordinations &amp; Commissioning.

See the web site page pertaining to Vocations for more info on Ordainations, etc. Or perhaps Christian may wish to volunteer for Simple Commissioning for Street Ministers, etc… 

A Mission to serve as ministers on the streets or Mission stations of the Holy Spirit by running prayer meetings or covering our various organisations in prayer ministry. We need your prayers. Thank you in anticipation.

Accreditation:  See our page specifically regarding Accreditation.  New Accreditation for existing Pastors and Leaders who have been ordained or in pastoral charge previously. 

Convergence Certification. 
HOLY ORDERS in Apostolic Succession. See specific page on Vocations

You may see my Holy orders and understand they are a direct line from the Apostles and Christ himself. I have over 20 lines, probably nearer to 40 with the Brazilian lines. You only need one valid line to be legitimate and legal. In this country there is a law that states that unless you are in Apostolic Succession you are not able to wear a clergy collar in public. You could conceivably be arrested for that as an offense, even today Church experience.

We also have a training church right here in Central Milton Keynes, where we train Clergy in the Eucharist and all about the vestments and how to integrate Pentecostalism or Methodism into the Anglo-Catholic dimension and vice versa.  See our Links page for help here.. 

Vestments  other church Utensils and supplies. See our main web site shop at:- or go onto the WCCC web site (not Facebook pages) and find the Shop page for the link through to the SHOP.

There you may buy very good Vestments and other items some secondhand for Bishop's, Priest's or Deacon's/Deaconess's These are the better Vestments and not simply rubbish, like you may find on ebay, etc… too risky to buy without knowing or at least seeing secondhand items.  Pre-Ordination process… ask for the relevant paperwork and application forms, etc..Perhaps you need a pre-Examination form to discover what level you can work at with CTS.