The Convergence Theological Seminary (CTS) is concerned with pastoral formation, not simply education. It's about forming your attitudes towards ministry, and about helping to strengthen your spiritual life within Christ's body, the Church. Accordingly, much of the formation is about initiating and cultivating relationships with your Bishop and with your assigned mentor.

The Convergence Theological Seminary & Pastoral College of the Bible (CTS) t/a Centre for Pastoral Counselling & Psychotherapy Education Limited and is an Educational not-for-profit community interest organisation and is a Chartered ministry of the World Communion of Christian Celtic Convergence Churches. The courses are also accredited through the Central Pastoral Foundation & Institute. All student Ministers and qualified Commissioned or Ordained Ministers are listed on our World International Register of Clergy Ministers of the Gospel.

Tuition & Fees for the Convergence Theological Seminary (CTS).

CTS probably offer one of the best value training structures you will find anywhere.

We do everything we can to help each student make the ConvergenceTS experience affordable and are committed to providing you with maximum return on your investment.

Please do not let concerns about money stop you from pursuing a seminary degree. We will work with you to make your education affordable.

Standard 2014 - 2015 Donation Fees

For £29 GBP Registration to become a CTS Seminarian, £39 GBP Deposit fee when you apply for a course and only £20 GBP per month to study with us at part time rates, or £40 GBP full time. 

Initial Christian Certificated Study course is Free. 

1).  World Registration - recommended Donation Fee: Initial & Annual Fees - £29 GBP or equivalent currency – and paid yearly.
2).  UK Application - recommended Donation Fee per each course taken up - £39 GBP (Free to our WCCC Clergy up to Diploma level).
3).  UK Tuition - recommended £50 per month assuming courses are being completed at the scheduled rate and part time time limits expected. Therefore, tuition may increase in direct proportion. Example: If a student is working full time and completing in half the time then we need to charge more per month to cover the work. 
WCCC Tuition will be only £20 donation per month to members of our World Communion (WCCC). Note: WCCC members this donation of £20 per month only applies up to, but not including Diploma level. Diploma level and above thereafter by arrangement  – Note: Tuition is variable. so ensure you check course costs on each course taken.

The Pastoral Counselling & Psychotherapy Courses are separately priced. Ask for details.  Some limited bursaries are available.


Tuition Fees on all Basic courses are Free to our existing and serving World Communion Clergy members.

Price of Certificates - administration production
Certificates & Diplomas issued by post surface mail £25 GBP each.

Ministerial Registration & Accreditation - for existing, or newly Commissioned/Ordained Ministers
Registration on our World / International Register of Ministers of the Gospel - £25. Note:
Accreditation Certificates: £25 - sent by surface mail to anywhere in UK. Other places will cost slightly more for postage on top.  
Note: WCCC members need to pay for World Registration, but we supply them Free Accreditation Certificates.

Payment Plans
We offer flexible and varied payment plans to fit your needs. If a student is experiencing significant financial difficulty, he or she is encouraged to speak to the Bishop in order to arrange a formal payment plan. This is mainly for those on Benefits at entry level courses. Others as professionals at higher levels are expected to have the resources to pay their own way.

Several scholarships are offered for seminarians who are in need of financial assistance. Download our informational brochure if you would like to join the team of dedicated seminarians at the Convergence Theological Seminary, but finances might prevent this from happening.

Adult Learning & Responsibility
Students are responsible for purchasing the required texts and obtaining any additional required readings. The World Communion of Christian Celtic Convergence Church maintains an extensive library, which includes all reading materials required through the Convergence Theological Seminary. If necessary, copies of texts and reading materials can be acquired on a loan-basis.

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