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Can I just do the distance learning part of the courses?

Yes! you may of course, especially of you are doing the 'Foundations in Christian Studies' whichwas designed as purely distance learning, or with a small group in your church. Also it is ok to study at a distance on the Ma or Phd courses, which are mainly 'research based' in essence, and in experiential Christian/Church related studies.

Distance and/or Campus learning.. 

However, we do have a real and existing Campus (unlike many basic online cyber college campuses) for you to attend and study here in Milton Keynes, which incidentally is situated very centrally within the UK.  Remember, for the Pastoral Course in Ministry studies, you only have to attend once per month part time. We definitely suggest you attend if you can possibly make it once per month on a Saturday.

The students on Ma courses will need to attend on at least four separate short one evening modules and four separate tutorials on their dissertations of 30,000 words or full time over 2 years. The Phd students will need to attend four tutorials on their dissertations over a four year part time course or full time over two years.

How long do students have to complete the course?

We are happy for you to complete your courses over whatever period you wish but to keep some form of regularity we would expect you to finish your courses within

Two (2) years up to Certificate course level, and within

Three (3) years up to Diploma level, and 

Four (4) years from Higher Diploma level and

 Six years up to Phd level 

All the courses completion dates will be established and taken from the start date that you applied and essentially paid for the course you signed up for.

Are there any refunds?

No, there are no refunds given, all of the courses are non-refundable regardless of personal circumstances, or any dissatisfaction with your grades, or failed attempts, or any other personal reason or things out of your control that you feel you might have the right to ask, apart from the Convergence Theological Seminary's agreement and commitment being flawed, in the areas of  by not delivering what we have agreed in the course curriculum and or availability of any certification within a reasonable time after the course has been completed by the student. Students will be expected to attend their graduation ceremony and be photographed for everyone's including any media interest, advertising purposes, etc. None of this affects the rights of consumers to make requests for refunds under normal and legal channels if their rights are transgressed in any way. 

Are the Course Qualifications, Licenses, Commissions and Ordinations in Holy Orders, legal?

Under Canon Law any awards we give through the World Communion under our Archbiship in Apostolic Succession is totally legal.  Under English Law we have the right to Ordain and any ordination we carry out is legal by definition that it has been completed within our religious beliefs under said Canon Law which is outside of the ruling of English legal system Law definition or judgement. 

What can we know about Accreditation?

In the United Kingdom, accreditation is used to assure quality in schools, educational institutions and programs. It should be noted that accreditation is offered by many regulatory bodies in this country (not just by the more known and advertised ones for Counselling, etc, like the BACP for example).  Furthermore, it is a voluntary, non-governmental process of review and evaluation at present.  The accreditation process requires an educational institution or program to meet certain defined standards or criteria as set forth by the accrediting body. These standards change from Country to country and region to region and in different local  education  authority jurisdictions.   These standards also change with time.  In fact, thankfully and partly because of our country's Constitutional heritage in UK (re: "freedom of choice") there are no two Universities (which are mostly private institutions in their own right) that have the same structure, philosophies, teaching modalities or evaluation criteria. This can act to allow or permit a certain degree of freedom.

We are accredited by the Research Institution which is established as:  

Convergence   programs are not designed to meet any specific local, territorial, regional, or national licensing or credentialing laws. Further, being non-traditional in nature, our programs are not designed to meet a particular requirement established by any private association or "traditional" licensing or other accrediting organization.

Convergence   nevertheless, are accredited by a very flexible and modern research Institution called the ‘Central Pastoral Foundation & Institute’ (CPFI) established in Southern England.  Also you may wish to know that all of our Directors, the Faculty and individual therapists, counsellors and students counsellors are regulated and licensed by the ‘World Register of Ministers of the Gospel’ (WRMG) and the ‘National Register of Hypnotherapists, Psychotherapists, Counsellors & Student Counsellors’. (NRHPCSC). 

However, it is relevant to know that we do in any case uphold BACP and UKCP ethical guidelines for our extended Professional Pastoral Counselling & Psychotherapy courses and we are also under the spiritual covering of the House of Bishops of the World Communion of Christian Celtic Convergence Churches.

Without doubt, many of our students/graduates are among the highest caliber, most intelligent, talented, best-educated and most effective individuals you will find anywhere. They and their Convergence   degrees are equal to their counterparts from traditional schools anywhere in the world.

Will my degree be accepted?

Experience shows us that although graduates do quite well in the job market and are accepted by numerous other Universities or Colleges, as life experience in learning skills, Convergence  ethically makes no promises, representations nor guarantees of employment or acceptability of transfer credits to any public or private educational institution.  Note:  If you are seeking an Convergence   degree for specific licensing, employment or additional educational purposes, we advise you to first check with the association, governmental agency, employer, or specific educational institution to determine the acceptability.

A degree is never worth more than the person who has the degree. Many students have graduated from schools and paid thousands of pounds to obtain an education. Yet, after the student graduated they still had very little knowledge of God's word and had grown very little in their ministry skills. While they had an accredited degree to hang on the wall, they went on to do very little in ministry because they did not have the skills and abilities that churches and schools look for when hiring someone.  Skill and ability come only from credible Convergence   teaching and training.

Convergence   will continue to shy away from any kind of accreditation that might weaken our ability to train men and women to be effective servants of Christ in their church and place of ministry service.

Few pastors are promoted to bigger churches simply because of the name of their institution. Churches want ministers who demonstrate that they truly have a real degree and education by what they are and how they perform their tasks. A degree from Convergence   will give you the credible degree that you need.  Most importantly, you will engage in studies that will sharpen your God-given talents thereby allowing you to do great things for God. Your church and peers will accept your degree if they accept you. The degree does not make the person. The person makes the degree.

Will a degree from Convergence  be accepted by another College, Uni, or School?

This all depends on the organisation. No University/College has to accept credit from any other school. In many cases the credits received from Convergence   are accepted by other Colleges and Universities.  Convergence   utilizes only the finest materials available. However, we cannot say what another organisation will accept.

The main question to be asked when considering a training organisation or Seminary or school is "Is this the training that will please God?" If it pleases God then it doesn't matter who is displeased.  

Convergence   is real and we ask all of our students to pray about all they do in life. Our Seminary is about honouring Christ and being His servants. We feel the accreditation of God is on our Seminary because we strive to please Him in academics and ministry training.

If the Seminary is right for God then it's right for you. We encourage you to prayerfully fill out the free academic evaluation form and send it back to us as soon as possible so that you may begin today to prepare for the greater ministry that God has for you!

Study level worries and Doubts & Pre-Examinations?

If you have any doubts at what level of training you should enter then please ask for our ‘Pre- Study Enrolment Examination’ form and we will assess your level of ministry experience and academic competence and suggest the entry level you need.

May God bless your endeavours to serve him faithfully right here, right now!

Come with us and let us help you to serve, Him who is able… Amen and Amen.

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